New Daystate Magazines have been released, offering self-indexing (similar in concept to BSA style magazines) and increased capacity. (see below). These offer faster loading due to the new flip-open design and compatibility with all existing models of Daystate rifle.

  • 13 shot capacity in .177 calibre
  • 11 shot capacity in .22 calibre
  • 10 shot capacity in .25 calibre
  • 8 shot capacity in .30 calibre
New Daystate Magazine with flip-open design
The new style magazines feature a flip-open design for faster loading

Owners of rifles like the Red Wolf that feature a 10 shot counter function will either need to reset the counter after 10 shots, or disable the feature as there are no planned firmware updates for these rifles.

new style daystate magazine vs old
New Magazines for 2020 vs the existing design

At the time of this article, Daystate set and RRP of £72.00 for all calibres of Magazine.