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Run under supervision of TAL Arms, our club offers hassle free shooting. We have none of the politics of a comittee based club and our goal is to bring new shooters into shooting in a safe and social setting. Members of our club have no liabilities other than to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner.





Shoot Locations

  • Foxbury Road
    Our home ground since the club started back in 2013 where we still have "The Box", our indoor 10m range. The 55m outdoor range closed March 2024 after a decade of shooting at this site.

    Members Fee: £6 per session 
    Guest Fee: £10 per session (£6 for your first three visits)
    Opening Times: Range is open by appointment only - please contact us for access

    This location is Non-Smoking
    A 5mph speed limit is in place for access to the range - please drive slowly when entering

Membership and Benefits

For anyone who has an interest in Airguns and socialising with like-minded individuals, we offer a simple membership package with some exclusive benefits for our members

  • Insurance by Guncover: Club members are insured at any TAL Arms (Shooters) organised events, including worldwide coverage for our Malta trips
  • Member Range Fees: Benefit from reduced range fee's for any of the shoots we organise. Please see our Shoot Locations section for more information
  • Pellet Discount: 10% discount on all qualifying Airgun ammunition, purchased Online via Shootingandscuba.co.uk, TAL Arms.co.uk or in-store at TAL Arms, for the duration of your active membership
  • Exclusive Offers: Club members get access to exclusive discounts as they become available
  • Events and Socials: Plenty of club events and social activities, both on and off the range
  • Hassle Free Shooting: No AGM's, no comittee's, just enjoy shooting without the politics and cliques

TAL Shooters is operated and managed by TAL Arms Ltd

Joining and Membership Fees

  • One-Off starter payment of £20 (includes first months membership) to activate membership (also payable if you leave the club and rejoin)
  • £5 per month membership fee or annual fee of £60, payable as a lump sum (year ends 31st March) or via Standing Order for the duration of your active membership

To join our club, simply download our membership form and complete page 1-2 with as much information as you can.

If you wish to pay your monthly club fee via Standing Order, please also complete page 3 of the form or setup your payment via internet banking for the 1st of each month.

Then, return the paperwork to us and we'll process your membership!


Range Dates for 2024

  • 04/02/2024
  • 18/02/2024
  • 03/03/2024
  • 17/03/2024
  • 31/03/2024 Easter Shoot

* Please note these are provisional dates as our schedule may change this year due to weather, competitions and club trips abroad.

TAL Shooters Conduct Rules

  • TAL Shooters is a social, relaxing shooting environment. This however, should not be confused with unsafe conduct. Members agree that at all times they will follow the guidance and spirit of the safety rules and demonstrate them to others
  • Members should show good judgement and respect for their surroundings when shooting, and should represent both themselves and the club as safe, responsible shooters
  • Members may have their membership removed if unsafe behavior, or behavior not in the spirit of the club or responsible shooting is noted
  • Members may not make statements on behalf of the club, unless their are an approved person by a club executive
  • If you wish to participate in our WhatsApp group, you will need to complete a small form agreeing to the conduct terms of the group


TAL Shooters Safety Rules

Range Safety is of paramount importance to us, we've been refining our rules and guidance and have put together our very own Guide to Gun Safety, and specific rules for any shoot(s) organised by TAL Arms or TAL Shooters

TAL Shooters Structure

Our club operates on a direct heirarchy basis instead of a comittee. This allows members to participate, and benefit from our insurance, whilst having no financial liabilities to the club other than those listed above in the membership section.

Club Director: Trevor Leyland
Club Manager(s): Duncan Wardlaw & Alex Leyland

Our volunteers are lead by Richard Austin, who is our most senior Range Officer below the management level. Any questions on policy or club operations should be directed up these levels as appropriate.

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