Cylinder Testing and Air Filling Services

Filling and Maintaining your Air Cylinder is an important resource for your PCP Air Rifle. We offer both IDEST testing for the regular inspection of your cylinders, and of course in-store Air Fills.

IDEST Cylinder Testing

Air Cylinders (High Pressure Vessels) require regular testing because of the massive amount of energy they can store and therefore the dangers surrouding poorly maintained cylinders. As an example, a full 12l cylinder rated at 300bar contains 3600l of air compressed into it!

Types of Cylinder

Cylinders fall into two main categories: Those which have a Scuba valve through which Airgun charging or Scuba equipment can be connected, and those which have a surface use only valve (often with a gauge pre-fitted to the valve) for Airgun or tool use only.

Any Cylinder that uses a surface valve must be tested every five years with a Hydrostatic test, and those that have a Scuba valve must also have an interim visual inspection every two and a half years. If you have a storage Cylinder that's static (like the one in our Compressor here in the shop) or under 500cc (Air Rifle Buddy Bottle's as an example) then a Hydrostatic test is only required every ten years.

Scuba Valve

A cylinder that uses a scuba valve must be tested every five years with a Hydrostatic test, and must also have an interim visual inspection every two and a half years.

Surface Use Valves

A cylinder that uses a surface valve must be tested every five years with a Hydrostatic test

Types of IDEST testing

As noted above, there are two types of test for Cylinders, Hydrostatic and Visual.

In both cases, the valve is removed from the Cylinder and both the threads on the valve and cylinder are tested for wear, damage an corrosion to ensure that the valve won't unscrew when under pressure.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection on the outside is then performed, looking for any corrosion that can be removed and repainted over, and internally using an endescope. If internal corrosion is found, it can often be removed by shot-blasting. If corrosion is found externally or internally, the cylinder is then scanned using an ultrasound to ensure the thickness of the metal in the cylinder walls.

Visual Inspections are £57.50*

Hydrostatic Test

During the Hydrostatic test, the cylinder is immersed in water and then filled with water to approx 1.5 it's working pressure. The cylinder will pass if the tank doesn't expand more than 5% of it's original size.

If the cylinder fails either of these tests, the cylinder has to be cut into pieces to certify it's destruction. This is to prevent the cylinder from being further used and posing a safety risk.

Hydrostatic Tests are £67.50*

*actual cost may vary depending on the parts required for your indiviual cylinder, however we find these to be the typical price of each service.

Cylinder (and Air Rifle) filling prices

We will always try to offer a while-you-wait service for the filling of all PCP Air Rifles. With Air Cylinder fills we do recommend leaving your tank with us where possible.

We also offer a loyalty scheme for Air Cylinder fills, please ask in-store for more information.

Size (ltr.) 232 Bar 300 Bar
Air Rifle £2.00 N/A
4 N/A


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